Caxton Euro Currency Card Review

The Newcastle Building Society has been a major contributor to the financial growth of the United Kingdom since 1861. Currently as the largest financial institution in the UK, they offer a variety of intermediary services to their local customers. With an emphasis on UK credit cards they specialize in Prepaid Currency Cards like Caxton Euro.

Caxton Euro Currency Card

If most of your travel is between European countries, the Caxton Euro Currency Card could be the most appropriate option for you. Like other prepaid currency cards, you can load it via SMS text message, over the phone, or the internet, and when you do, you can be sure that it will secure the best exchange rate.

Like other travel cards, there is no fee to use your card when you want to pay for restaurant, hotel, or retail services in the local currency. Technically, this is what this prepaid UK credit card is designed to do.

With customer service available to you 24-hours a day, they can even send you a replacement card no matter where you might be at the time!

If you like to carry cash in the local currency, the Caxton Euro Currency Card is right up your alley. This is because it bears no charge to withdraw money from any ATM in Europe. However, the small fee to access cash at ATMs outside of Europe is in no way deterring since there are no other fees you will have to worry about. Since this fee is only designed to help upkeep costs and not to pay for your services, it is very low and easy to manage.

As a matter of fact, not many cards offer these kinds of benefits without any membership or maintenance costs, which this card conveniently lacks.