Cheap Travel – An Example on How You Can Benefit From Computer Errors on Booking Sites

There is one thing that happens time after time and it will never stop happening provided that search engines everyday perform more complicated operations. The possibility of a computer program to make a mistake or the possibility even higher of a programmer to fail in any line of code can be a cause for a good discounted ticket.

I explained that back in the past, but right now I have a proven example that has happened to me and I wanted to share it with you. I won’t mention the name of the airline because I don’t want to make any bad publicity. The story begins when I booked my flights to go back to Spain for Christmas to visit my family. I booked a flight before Christmas, and another one coming back on the 1st of January, in order to start the year again here in Sweden.

The strange thing was that last year I did exactly the same, but I couldn’t book the first of January, as the day did not appear as a day when the airlines was flying, or it was no more available seats. I didn’t know, but it was impossible to book for the first. Recognizing that it was strange that this year they were able to fly on the first of January, I took the decision to book this one, as the price was only of 1 cent of euro ($0,0075). The taxes were about 6 euros ($4), so I had my trip for this price.

What happened next? Well, during two months it happened nothing. And then, last week, suddenly I received an e-mail from the airline apologizing that it was a mistake and it was no flights on the first of January, it seems that an error in the computers showed the day as available and allowed customers to make their bookings during some days. They offered the possibility to be transferred to the 2nd of January, to change to another day for the same price, or simply to cancel the flight.

Actually what I did was to come back to Sweden later on a day that would have been a lot more expensive in another way (that was the reason why I didn’t book it before). The total price if I had to book this day was about 150 euros. Instead, changing my ticket for that day due to the computer problem I took this flight for 6 euros. You don’t really need to calculate the percentage of savings to understand that this was a really great deal.

Well, possibly I will invest the money saved in buying some nice presents for my family. In any case, this article is just a reminder that you don’t really need to be that much lucky to face a computer error. How many times have you complained that your system freezes or errors happen? Well, the guys in the airlines have exactly the same problems as you do, and this can cause alterations in the information showed to the consumer. Nobody is perfect, and we need to take advantage of that.