Euro Train Pass – Quick Tips on Buying and Using a Euro Train Pass

If you are on your way to a European adventure, leave the car to the train travel! Europe has a very complete and convenient rail system with a 100,000 mile rail network to many European countries. With a euro train pass, you can have unlimited travel to all these countries. How convenient!

What you should know about getting a euro train pass?

There are many types of euro train pass available with a great selection of global pass, select pass, country & regional pass etc. But if you have lived in Europe for more than six months or you are a resident of Algeria, Morocco, the Russian Federation, Tunisia or Turkey, you are not eligible to purchase such passes. For others, you have no problem in getting it.

Where can you get cheap euro train pass?

Normally, the price of train pass increases on January 1st of each year. So if you are planning to travel during the first half of the year ( Jan – June ) and you have your travel plan set, it is recommended to purchase the train passes in December to save some bucks. Your pass is valid for six months after the purchase. So, plan early and start traveling before it expires!

Should you reserve the train passes?

It all depends on your travel plan. If you have a flexible schedule, there is no need to reserve a train pass as there is a fee for every reservation you make. But if you are on a tight schedule and you can’t afford to miss the train, it is better for you to reserve the pass well in advance. Here’s a real story. My friend, Natalie and her husband went on a train travel through Europe for 30 days. During their travel from Munich to Venice, they could not board the desired train as they did not have reservations. Therefore, they had to wait for 12 hours to catch the next most desired train with available seats. They faced the same problem when they were traveling from Brussels to Germany. But this time, they only needed to wait for 2.5 hours. Since then, they made reservations for their remaining journey. So, is your travel plan flexible enough for such incidents?

How to validate your train passes in Europe?

It is very easy to validate your euro train pass. Before you use your pass for the first time, just go to the ticket window and validate for you. They will require you to show them your passport. So, get your passport ready. After that, they will put on the date and stamp it. Before you use it each day or each time, put down the date in European format (DD/MM/YYYY). Make sure when you write ‘seven’, it must have a “bar” through it to show it is not a ‘one’.