Planning Our Family Meet Up Was Rather Easy

Wanting to let all my family members have a good time when they came to visit me, I planned a fun weekend that was packed with good things that everyone in the family would enjoy. For the first night that we would be together, I had gotten a Toronto Party Bus rental so that we could have a good time. I thought that this would be nice because so many of us feel we are too old to go to a club in our 30s and forties. And we would not have to be at home partying around the kids. It was a really nice compromise. I also needed to come up with some other things for all of us to do as well.

We are big sports fans, so I wanted to incorporate a night of sports into our plans, but I really did not have much room to work with since most of my family would be coming in for only 4 days. So, on the first night that everyone came, I realized that one of our favorite teams would be playing. I asked the party bus company if they have satellite TV in the busses and they do. So, we were able to watch football onboard. They have a really nice big screen on the back wall. We were able to sit in plush seating while drinking beer and having a lot of finger foods that tasted great. It was a really good night.

The next day, everyone wanted to be low key, so I had planned a day at the beach for everyone. This meant that the kids could be involved, too. I had the entire trip planned out. To get us there easily, I had rented a bus from the same company to get us out there. It was nice not to have to worry.