Travel from Los Angeles to San Francisco with Your Pet

Travel from Los Angeles to San Francisco with Your PetFor many pet-owners, traveling can be a hassle. It can be particularly daunting for travelers who do not drive a car and want to take their furry children anywhere. While it is relatively easy to fly into any U.S. city with pets, as long as they meet health and travel requirements, moving around from place to place may pose a problem.

The only railway system in the United States, Amtrak, still has a no pets on board policy. The nationwide Greyhound bus lines (ironically their logo is a dog) do not allow pets on board either. And travelers seeking alternatives, would need to rent a car or taxi cab which can be very expensive.

A popular summer destination for Angelinos is San Francisco. With its cool weather and its popular tourist attractions, it is a must. The bay area is also a very friendly pet area. Yet, until recently, Angelinos who wanted to take their pets along, were left with limited and expensive choices.

A bus company called California Shuttle Bus allows you to travel with your furry child. With daily service between Los Angeles and the Bay area, it may be just what many pet-owners have been looking for. With four convenient pickup/drop off locations in Los Angeles and three in the Bay area, including San Jose, California Shuttle is poised for pet lovers’ business.

Keep in mind that travel time is approximately seven hours depending on traffic and your pick-up/drop-off points so make sure your pet is hydrated prior to traveling and has had time to pee before boarding the bus. The driver does stop half-way into the trip for a 30-minute lunch break.

Pets must be transported in a pet cage, either soft-sided or hard-sided, and they are not allowed to take up an extra seat. If you would like them to take up an entire seat, you must purchase an additional ticket for that seat next to you. Prices start at about $29 per person, one way.