Why North Cyprus is a Great Value, Euro-Free Holiday Destination

Right now, the credit crunch has left the British Pound weak against the Euro. This means that anyone going on holiday in Europe and exchanging their pounds for Euros will get much less than they used to. However, there are some currencies that are doing better against Euro. One of these is the Turkish Lira used in Northern Cyprus. But what does this mean for those looking to take a holiday in Cyprus? It means that they can enjoy a Euro-free holiday that is great value for money.

Of course, travellers have to make certain they are on the North side of the Green Line. This is the area of Cyprus that uses the Lira, and the place to go for a Euro-Free holiday. Northern Cyprus is, in fact, the only Euro-Med destination that hasn’t actually officially adopted the Euro currency, making it the only choice for a truly great holiday that won’t cost you a lot.

The question may be, why Northern Cyprus? Why not, is probably the better question. Northern Cyprus is one of Europe’s most beautiful places. In addition to being a great value Euro-free holiday, Northern Cyprus offers a lot to offer for the entire family. Kyrenia has its beautiful horse-shoe Venetian harbour and great shopping opportunities, plus a Byzantine Castle overlooking the entire town and is a great place for history buffs to visit. The town also has many great resorts like the Acapulco Spa and Pia Bella, two amazing places where you’ll feel like royalty. The Acapulco’s beach in particular is spectacular.

Another popular destination in Northern Cyprus is Famagusta. This old Egyptian city offers a lot of historical sites for those who really want to know about the ancient history of Cyprus. Of course, it has many great beaches too, probably the best on the entire island; including the Majestic Beach and Salamis Bay. Famagusta makes a great place to base your Karpas Peninsula holiday since it is centrally located and provides access to just about everything the Peninsula has to offer.

But there are more places to visit than just Kyrenia and Famagusta. You can head out to Nicosia, a larger city that was once the home to the kings of Cyprus. This large city is the capital of North Cyprus, and you’ll find many modern conveniences here. While the smaller towns and cities often offer sleepy, traditional atmospheres, Nicosia is the opposite. It makes a nice change of pace from the towns you may be visiting as part of your Euro-free holiday. Just be sure to stay on the north side of the Green Line, the east-west boundary that divides the city into Greek and Turkish sectors. Only the northern side is Euro-free.